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¡Viva la Revolución! 0

¡Viva la Revolución!

This morning I was pulled over on my way to a golf course. I asked the officer what was the problem and he said that I was in violation of the new “driving without...

The End of the Road 0

The End of the Road

A very short poem…


Sunlight Tapestry

Sun shines through the color-stained windows on the walls and curtains of an old house in Borisova Griva, Russia. June 2007.


A Portrait of a Crow

I met this crow on a beach near Cliff House in San Francisco. June 2013.

Weather Forecast 0

Weather Forecast

Scattered, mostly inaccurate with occasional lucky guesses.


Foggy Morning Crossing

This is another photo from a while ago. A car crosses railroad tracks one foggy morning in 2004 (Wyoming, Ohio).


Magic Forest

I will try to post some new and some old photos. I took this one on a very foggy morning in Sharon Woods (Cincinnati, Ohio) in December of 2003. I like the surreal look...